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Bangladesh must approach with an emergent strategic planning, adjusted to the reality of its socio-economic determinants, accessible resources, demography and health system to deploy COVID-19 vaccines equitably all over the country successfully.

Green and White Covid-19 Guidelines Face

CRIDA has been assessing the COVID-19 situation and analyzing the implications of COVID-19 in Bangladesh. CRIDA conducts jurisdictional scans, expert consultations and review of evidence to develop recommendations and policy briefs to address COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

CRIDA strives to raise awareness on contemporary issues and possible solutions through various activities: (1) creating and distributing educational materials (e.g., videos, infographics); (2) issuing briefings and fact sheets; (3) hosting discussions and forums. CRIDA raises awareness to provide facts and dispel myths.

Image by NEXT Academy

CRIDA provides mentorship opportunities to early careerists and emerging leaders to facilitate growth and career development. Mentors offer valuable insight to improve communication skills, learn new perspectives and demonstrate transferrable skills that are necessary to excel in professional life.

Data Science Program

CRIDA's Data Science Program offers a lucrative package of solving real world data science problems, mentorship from a Kaggle Grandmaster and career-counselling from a Senior Consultant of KPMG.

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