CRIDA provides mentorship opportunities to early careerists and emerging leaders to facilitate growth and career development. Mentors offer valuable insight to improve communication skills, learn new perspectives and demonstrate transferrable skills that are necessary to excel in professional life.

Currently a number of mentees are working with CRIDA on the Covid-19 Project. Their roles include, but not limited to, jurisdictional scanning, preparing situation briefs and engaging in talks with subject experts. A comprehensive list of the individuals can be found here

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Research Assistants

Few volunteer (unpaid) research assistant positions are now available for ongoing projects of CRIDA.  Duration: December 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021. See below for details.



Time Commitment: 8-10 hours/week. 


  • Conduct literature review, environmental scan, report review, jurisdictional scan and prepare materials that succinctly synthesize information.

  • Research, analyze and prepare briefing materials (policy brief, public brief, scientific brief) and knowledge translation materials (videos, infographics, presentation, fact sheets etc.).

  • Contribute in the planning of upcoming projects, including identifying milestones and development of project charters.


Please note that the end-product of our projects will be briefing materials (policy briefs, public briefs and scientific brief) and knowledge translation tool (videos, infographics, presentation, fact sheets etc.). Our primary aim is to develop policy recommendations for key health issues in Bangladesh and to raise awareness, and we may not publish out deliverables in journals.

By the end of this tenure, you will 

  • Learn/improve public health and project management skills that can be applied in career settings;

  • Gain public health experience (e.g. development of policy briefs, communication materials, project management documents etc.);

  • Get free-of-charge career coaching and help you develop your career plan;          

  • Participate in workshops facilitated by public health experts; and,  

  • Receive letter of recommendation (if needed).


If you are interested, please email to us at  director@cridaction.org, with your two page resume and a document containing answers to the following questions in order. 


  • Tell us about your experience and how it relates to the posted volunteer position. 

  • Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

  • Tell us how working for CRIDA aligns with your career goal.

  • Tell us about your availability to work for CRIDA per week (in hours/week). Please note that you will be required to commit at least 8 hr/week.​

Job posting date: November 12 2020